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Nika Lani
Nika Lani
Nika Lani
Playing Hooky
Starring: Nika Lani & Kyle Stone
Added: 04/23/2012
The fastest rising model in the Import Car Model scene back in 2002 was 21 year old Thai/Chinese hottie Nika Lani. She was controversial because she disregarded the taboo of "Import Models should not crossover to Porn Modeling" and performed in sex videos using her Import Model name! Her phenomenol rise to porn fame was due to her unabashed sexuality and exhibitionism which I observed from the start - I shot her in her first wall-to-wall porn video. Unlike other first generation Import Models who changed their names (don't need to name them; their fans know who they were back in the period of 1997-2002) or tried to deny their x-rated appearances, Nika said in an interview "I see nothing wrong in performing sex on's just real sexuality and not implied sexuality - which is what my peers are doing anyways; at the car shows, in *glamour nude* and *sexy nude* photo shoots". Join Now to read more...
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